Google anaytics keywords on

So I just entered the world of google analytics (been registered for about a year, but never really looked at the data), and it's amazing. I was browsing the keywords people have used to find my site and there are some real gems in there. Most are what you'd expect (openframeworks, processing, quartz composer, physics, fluids, motion tracking, audio reactive and other interactive stuff). Some are so interesting and/or funny that I thought I'd share them.

For those that don't know what google analytics is or does, the below are some of the keywords that people have put in google, yahoo etc. and been led to via the search results.

There are over 16,500 search phrases people have used and I didn't look at them all. Just a real quick browse through.

First, one of my favorite search queries I saw leading to

  • cool abstract shit (probably because I have the domain, but i just love the fact that someone typed 'cool abstract shit' into google)


'girl' related queries that led to (they must have been so dissapointed):

  • mad girls
  • madgirls
  • memo girl
  • amoeba girl (I hope you were looking for this, otherwise I dread to think what you were looking for)
  • cover girls memo 2008
  • glsl girl shader (yea, wouldn't that be nice!)
  • lab dance girls (unfortunately you don't get many dancing girls in labs. maybe you meant 'lap' ?)
  • mad girl secret (this guy spent 11 minutes browsing the site!)
  • mad girls graphics
  • memo girls
  • quartz composer my girlfriend (this one is slightly worrying)
  • visual 3d dancing girl

Some other interesting ones that caught my eye as I quickly scrolled through 16,500 searches:

  • algorithmic video i like to touch (8 people searched for this!)
  • you are not owner
  • does techfit really work?
  • why cant you see magnetic force (yes, it would be nice if we could see them)
  • why do we need hexadecimal number system when we have binary ?
  • why management by objective and not management by wondering?
  • why should i get high bbc ? (maybe because there's no other way of sitting through eastenders?)
  • psychadelic piercing
  • awesome mega flash game
  • islamic elements in motion graphics
  • cool acid visuals
  • what physical force makes up quartz (wow google, i can see why you thought might be relevant, but you were way off!)
  • art interactif tutorial
  • how do i take a slit scan photo on my iphone
  • import radiohead house of cards into 3d
  • whereever you go,whatever you do notes for the piano (how on earth did that direct to my site!?)
  • how can i make the dust as gold?
  • interactive video art tutorial
  • physics falling balls 3d source code opengl
  • interactive installation free code
  • very nice dance
  • how to do visual distortion effects glslĀ 
  • how to use msashape3d library in opengls + iphon + code example
  • open source quartz composer interactive projects
  • the good and bad paints of audio and visual movement
  • papervision high performance billboard for particle systems
  • quartz composer motion tracking
  • how to get a documentary on bbc television
  • msa 2009 interactive yearbook cd
  • using flash + quartz for tv production
  • generative video dance software for mac
  • the difference between real time processing and interacting processing
  • how to create volleyball game in flash as3
  • how to end a company's performance memo?
  • how to fake multitouch in actionscript
  • how to make sound reactive visuals
  • how to make psychedelic videos in flash

Actually just browsing the "how to ...." section was really interesting. Like looking through a window and seeing loads of people scattered around the globe, trying to find a solution to their problems - and in so many cases very similar problems. E.g. hundreds of queries about "when to release objects in objective c", or "how to do motion tracking in quartz composer" etc. Definitely a great source for data visualization. someday...

I wanted to actually publish them all, but google only allows me to download csv's in batches of 500. And there's 34 pages :S so I couldn't be bothered.