MSA Remote rejected AGAIN, velocity sensitive pads on iPhone, and patents


So my MSA Remote app has been rejected AGAIN, for the second time! This time because my startup image "infringes an Apple Trademark Image". Aaargh!


I had paid special attention to not include the sliver outline and home button in case it would be an issue, but it wasn't good enough. Apparently Apple own rectangles with rounded corners at a specific radius.

But like they say, Never give up, never surrender. I've resubmitted with a much tighter crop (I know, a lot uglier :S but it'll have to do for now), if this doesn't get approved, I think I'll just give it all up and retire to a little fishing village (maybe I should do that anyway).



P.S. You can see the previous post about the first rejection here.


Demo, Velocity Sensitive Keys and Patents

In the meantime I've uploaded a new video, this time demoing controlling Ableton Live (for audio) and VDMX (for visuals) and using faders, triggers, and velocity sensitive keys - yes velocity sensitive. The harder you hit the keys, the louder the sound (or whatever you want to map it to).

Coincidentally, in a tweet from cdmblogs I saw these guys have developed a very similar "patent pending" technique. They're very young, all in their early twenty's. So respect guys for all you've developed and the whole business venture etc. but a tip, please don't try and patent things like this. It's bad for mankind.

And for those wondering how it works, it's not rocket science, it's accelerometer. The harder you hit the screen, the bigger jolt on the accelerometer. And yes it does work on hard surfaces because you still get an internal jolt. You just need to do some filtering and check change of acceleration on finger touchDown. Neat I know ;) patent worthy? I think not.

In this video, OSCulator is routing the OSC (& TUIO) messages coming from MSA Remote to midi and forwarding to Ableton Live and VDMX simultaneously. Nothing is done in post, the same signal is controlling both audio and video.