Timestretching (Slit-scan) in Quartz Composer

I was at the Adobe Air Tour 2008 in London today, and while most of it was very interesting, there were moments which were rather dry... so in my boredom I created this little Quartz Composition.

Last fall I was at Flash on the Beach in Brighton, and Craig Swann was demonstrating some amazing things he'd been doing in Flash and Max MSP/Jitter. I remembered one of them today and decided to try and create something similar in Quartz Composer, the results are quite fun.

Basically it captures a very narrow slice of video input (in this case my webcam) every frame and creates a picture out of lots of slices from different times, essentially capturing a segment of time in one picture. The composition here can do it horizontally or vertically. You could try radial and other methods too.

Leopard only I'm afraid...

** Update **

Barth informs me that this is called slit-scanning, and lots of people have done amazing things with this technique! More info at Golan Levin's Slit-scanning page.

timestretch.qtz7.83 KB