Current and upcoming dates

Currently no upcoming performances have been entered, please check back soon.

Past dates

2015 Feb 20
, Performance
Simple Harmonic Motion #12 for 16 Percussionists at RNCM
Future Everything
2014 May 15-16
, Performance
The Measures Taken UK Premiere at Royal Opera House, London, UK (as part of MLF)
2014 Apr 1-2
, Performance
The Measures Taken world premiere at EXIT Festival, Creteil, France (as part of MLF)
2014 Feb 2
, Performance
The Measures Taken preview at British Dance Edition, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (as part of MLF)
2013 Mar 1
, Performance
Laser Forest
(as part of Marshmallow Laser Feast), STRP Biennale, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2010 Sep 30-Oct 2
, Exhibition, Performance
The Muon Project
Nijmegen, Netherlands
2010 Apr 30-May 10
, Exhibition, Performance, Workshop
Residency at Mapping festival, Geneva, Switzerland
2010 Mar 16-28
, Performance
Blaze - The Streetdance Show
The Peacock Theatre, London, UK
2009 Mar 5-8
, Exhibition, Lecture, Performance
Body Paint
Clicks or Mortar? : Designing a future for cultural venues in the digital age', Newcastle, UK
2008 Dec 3
, Exhibition, Performance
My Secret Heart
Royal Festival Hall, London, UK
2008 Oct 19-22
, Exhibition, Performance
My Secret Heart
Lucerne, Switzerland