Metamapping (2010)

A workshop + residency at the Mapping festival 2010, Geneva, Switzerland led by 1024 Architecture. Many collaborators, artists, musicians, performers, visualists took over various spaces at La Parfumerie to create audio-visual performances and installations. Constructing a large scaffold structure in the main hall, armed with DMX controlled lights, microphones, cameras, sensors and projectors; we converted the space into a giant audio-visual-light instrument for the audience to explore and play with, and be part of and experience a non-linear narrative performance. The project involved live projection mapping, motion tracking, audio-reactive visuals, piezo-reactive audio and visuals, DMX controlled lights, rope gymnasts, acrobats and much more!

Related Dates

2010 Apr 30-May 10,
Exhibition ,Performance ,Workshop , Metamapping,
Residency at Mapping festival, Geneva, Switzerland

Related keywords

c++, dance, dmx, fluid simulation, interactive, live performance, mapping festival, motion tracking, opencv, openframeworks, osc, particles, projection mapping