MSALibs for openFrameworks and Cinder (2010)

I am retiring my google code rep for openframeworks addons in favor of github. You can now find my addons at . Actually I’ve taken a leaf out of Karsten Schmidt‘s book and registered too. For now it just forwards to the github rep, but maybe soon it will be it’s own site. (Note you can download the entire thing as a single zip if you don’t want to get your hands dirty with git – thank you github!).

There are some pretty big changes in all of these versions. Some of you might have seen that the Cinder guys ported MSAFluid to Cinder and they got a 100% speed boost! Well it’s true, they’ve made some hardcore mods to the FluidSolver allowing it to run exactly 2x faster. Now I’ve ported it back to OF, so now we have the 100% speed boost in OF too. In fact carrying on their optimization concepts I managed to squeeze another 20% out of it, so now it’s 120% faster! (And these mods also lend themselves to further SSE or GPU optimizations too).

To prevent this porting back and forth between Cinder and OF I created a system introducing an MSACore addon which simply maps some basic types and functions and forms a tiny bridge (with no or negligible overheads) between my addons and OF or Cinder (or potentially other C/C++ frameworks or hosts). MSACore is really tiny and not intended to allow full OF code to run in Cinder or vice versa, but just the bare essentials to get my classes which mainly do data processing (such as Physics, Fluids, Spline, Shape3D etc. – hopefully OpenCL soon) to run on both without modifying anything.

So now any improvement made to the addon by one community will benefit the other. Feeling the love 🙂 ?

Some boring tech notes: Everything is now inside the MSA:: namespace instead of having an MSA prefix. I.e. MSA::FluidSolver instead of MSAFluidSolver. So just by adding using namespace MSA; at the top of your source file you can just use FluidSolver, Physics, Shape3D, Spline etc. without the MSA prefix (or just carry on using MSA:: if you want). I think it aids readability a lot while still preventing name clashes.

There are more changes in each addon so check the changelog in each for more info. e.g. MSA::Physics now has a MSA::Physics::World which is where you add your particles and springs (instead of directly to physics), and the MSA::Fluid has an improved API which is more consistent with itself. So backwards compatibility will be broken a bit, but a very quick search and replace should be able to fix it. Look at the examples.

P.S. this is the first version of this MSACore system (more like 0.001) so it may change or there may be issues. If you are nearing a deadline and using one of these addons, I’d suggest you make a backup of all of your source (including your copy of MSAxxxx addon) before updating!

Any suggestions, feedback, tips, forks welcome.

I am retiring my google code rep for openframeworks addons in favor of github. You can now find my addons at […]

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