ofxARDroneOscBridge (2012)

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/55643246 w=640&h=400]

(For a performance with 16x custom-built quadrotors and lights see here).

C++ openFrameworks addon and standalone application to act as an OSC Bridge to send and receive OSC data between a Parrot AR Drone QuadCopter and any other application. This could be any custom application (e.g. processing, openframeworks, cinder, vvvv, max/msp, puredata etc) or even any off-the-shelf application that supports OSC (e.g. vdmx, modul8, resolume, ableton etc). In this video, a Quartz Composer application communicates with ofxARDroneOscBridge which communicates with the actual ARDrone.




Released under the MIT License