This is a music playlist, curated via videos I’ve made over the years. This selection contains mostly open-source demos, sketches, tests, tutorials etc. (and the odd pet video) which I’ve set to popular songs I like or I thought fit the video. It does not include commissioned or ‘finished’ work (such as music videos, audio-visual works, performances or collaborations with musicians or sound artists).  I’ll keep the text minimal, follow the video links if curious.

(In reverse chronological order)

Gloomy Sunday (2017)

“Gloomy Sunday”, Diamanda Galas

We are made of star dust

“Blade Runner End Titles”, Vangelis

Bouncy (2017)

“Fly me to the moon”, Brenda Lee

Dinogoose (2017)

“Jurassic Park Theme”, John Williams

#LearningToSee Training data (2017)

A brief, incomplete survey of human (mostly western) Art. As collected by Google, the new purveyor of Art & Culture. (2017). Training data for a number of the Learning To See studies. Scraped from the Google Art project.

“Ricochet, Part II”, Tangerine Dream (excerpt, and slightly extended)


#LearningToSee #LearningToDream – aka the Art-o-Matic 4000 Turbo XL (2017)

A study of human creativity & Art (trained on dataset above) through the eyes of a #DeepNeuralNetwork.

“Blister in the sun”, Violent Femmes  

#LearningToSee #DreamingOfSpace #WeAreMadeOfStarStuff (2017)

Deep neural network which has only ever seen images from the Hubble Space Telescope, trying to make sense of the world.

“Oxygene Part IV”, Jean Michel Jarre

#LearningToSee. #Art. Take 1 (2017)

Deep neural network which has only ever seen a massive dataset of paintings and sketches from around the world, trying to make sense of the world.

“Mary of Silence”, Mazzy Star

#LearningToSee. #Art. Take 2 (2017)

Same training data as above, very different approach in the reconstruction.

Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord”, Harold Budd

#LearningToSee, training (2017)

The process of ‘learning’ visualised.

Training on images from NASA’s Astronomy Pic of the Day.

Emerald and Stone”, Brian Eno, Leo Abrahams and Jon Hopkins


Training on a ‘dirty’ dataset – images scraped the web of Donald Trump, Theresa May, Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

N.W.O”, Ministry


Training on a massive dataset of Art.

“Music for 18 Musicians”, Steve Reich

This is how you dance to this song (2017)

I was only gone for 2 minutes, down to the corner shop and back.

“Since you’ve been gone”, Rainbow

Interactive, gestural text conductor / composer (2016)

Realtime control of character sequence generation with Recurrent Neural Network Ensembles. yea. Blog post and paper here.

“Dream a little dream of me”, Henry Mancini

#EpicMonetGuy (2016)

Probably my greatest work. Featuring Epic Sax Guy in the Style of Monet.

Autumn Leaves (2015)

“Autumn Leaves”, Doris Day

Hot bird takes bath in slowmo (2015)

Hot birds need cooling.

“Pour some sugar on me”, Def Leppard

I need to understand myself (2014)

Google is the keeper of our collective consciousness.

“Personal Jesus”, Marilyn Manson

Turkey, Circa 30/03/2014  (2014)

This is what was happening around those dates (though I was wrong about the ending). Tiny bit more info here.

“Lux Aeterna”, Clint Mansell

Best way to get around London (2013)

It is (just don’t fall in, you’ll dissolve instantly).

“Come Sail Away”, Eric Cartman

RubyCam (2013)

Just chilling.

“Super Sharp Shooter”, The Ganja Kru

Laser Fingers (2013)

Demoing my ofxILDA laser control addon for openframeworks with LeapMotion finger tracking.

“Baby Elephant Walk”, Hency Mancini

Laser Bubbles (2013)

More laser shenanigans, tracking bubbles. Because why not.

“Get Lucky”, Daft Punk

More Laser Fingers, with physics (2013)

Adding physics, and drones. Because why the **** not.

“Touch”, Daft Punk (That album had just come out)

ofxARDroneOscBridge (2012)

Demoing my addon for openframeworks to control the AR Parrot Quadcopter, and an OSC bridge to control from any other app. (Quadrotors were hot in them days, still are).

“When I grow too old to dream”, Diana Krall

Volumetric Slitscan Tests (2012)

Taking slit-scanning to another dimension. Literally. (4D Surface Scanning? – I’m still quite excited by this).

“Sway”, Dean Martin


“My baby just cares for me”, Nina Simone


“No Rain”, Blind Melon

OSC over web via websockets demo (2012)

Self explanatory. I was pretty chuffed when it started working. One might even say I was feeling…

“Top of the World”, The Carpenters

Open Studio, Body Paint (2011)

We had an open studios (the whole building I was in), and a bunch of kids came in and starting playing with my Body Paint installation. Oh the naive optimism of youth…

“Do you know where you’re going to?”, Diana Ross

Body Paint Improv Dance at le Cube (2010)

At le Cube Gallery in Paris, where I was showing my Body Paint installation, two strangers broke into an impromptu, improv dance (with no music in the space, in a gallery!). So humbling. My work here is done. (I didn’t have a film camera, only stills).

“Total Eclipse of the Heart”, Bonnie Tyler

The Raptors having a bath (2010)

Like the title says. (I have so many of these vids).

“Steeplechase Lane”, Chet Atkins

First kinect tests (2010)

First tests with the kinect when the open-source drivers were released.

Shashkin”, Ömer Faruk Tekbilek

ofxMSAOpenCL demo (2010)

Demoing my OpenCL wrapper for openFrameworks, and GPU accelerated particles (performed and recorded live in realtime, in one take). I used to be good at that stuff. Now I have no idea what the kids are on about.

“I wanna know what love is”, Foreigner

WTF Xmas (2009)

Demo of an open-source cam-effect (made popular by the band OK GO around that time). Also ‘holiday’ vid.

“O Holy Night”, Eric Cartman


iScream for iPhone (2009)

My response after I had a string of iPhone App rejections for being ‘not very useful’ (e.g. see below).

Raindrops keep falling on my head”, Henry Mancini

MSA Remote for iPhone (2009)

Demoing an iPhone app that I developed, that sent multitouch info via OSC (including TUIO). It was rejected by the idiots at the App Store for being ‘not very useful’. DENIED! (After about 4 months and a lot of internet campaigning it was accepted).

Losing My Touch”, Rolling Stones 

MSA Remote for iPhone controlling MSA Fluid for processing (2009)

Simultaneously demoing my fluid library for processing, but also demoing MSA Remote in the hopes that the Apple Genius’s might accept it into the App Store (they eventually did).

“Pink Fluffy Clouds”, The Orb

ofxMSAPhysics v2 demo (2009)

Demoing my C++ physics engine.

“Rachel’s Song”, Vangelis + Benny Hill Theme Song

“Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas” for iPhone (2009)

Demoing an iphone app I developed for Miltos.

Feeling Bad”, Dave Focker (it’s my old band from 2003, so maybe this one doesn’t count)

Reincarnation (2009)

This just is what it is.

Planet Caravan”, Black Sabbath

ofxMSAShape3D demo (2009)

Demoing ofxMSAShape3D, a wrapper for VBO’s with immediate mode like API (to ease the transition to iOS opengl development).

Suspended In Light”, Neurosis

‘Gold’ demo (2009)

First tests of what later became to be my ‘Gold’ installation.

“Ain’t No Sunshine”, Bill Withers

“Gold”, Computer’s Point-of-View, Tent Digital 2009

This is what the computer sees in the above installation “Gold”, just one afternoon in September 2009.

“A thousand kisses deep”, Leonard Cohen

9th September, 2009, Galapagos

A very serene and peaceful afternoon turned rather hectic and scary.

“Miserere mei, Deus”, Gregorio Allegri + “Raining Blood”, Slayer

Pearl’s a Singer (2009)

“Pearl’s a Singer”, Elkie Brooks

qcMSAQuadWarper demo (2008)

Demoing how to use a quad-warping plugin to do basic projection mapping (it was so hot in them days).

The Look Of Love”, Dusty Springfield

One Second Before Big Bang (2008)

Result of a quick (few hours) hack-o-thon at the openframeworks lab at Ars Electronica 2008. A few familiar faces in this vid.

“God’s Away On Business”, Tom Waits

‘My Secret Heart’ flocking tests (2008)

Testing flocking for ‘My Secret Heart’ performance.

I Love you Mary Jane”, Cypress Hill & Sonic Youth


‘Roots’ demo (2008)

Demonstrating some of the visual and interaction modes of ‘Roots’, a multi-touch table audio-visual instrument.

“Long Gone Day”, Mad Season

‘Roots’ magnetic fields tests (2008)

Testing out magnetic fields interaction for a multi-touch table audio-visual instrument.

“I Put a Spell On You”, Nina Simone

His Spaghedeity’s Screen Saver (2008)

Flying Spaghetti Monster Screen Saver.

Don’t Stop Believing”, Journey

qcMSABadTV (2007)

Quartz Composer plugin to simulate the analog distortion of a bad tv signal.

“You Spin Me Round (Like a record)”, Dead Or Alive

Amoeba Dance (2007)

Audio-reactive amoeba.

Caliper Remote”, Autechre

The Un-God Trilogy Part III (2004)

This just is what it is.

“Un-God Trilogy Part III”, Susan Acid (this is my old band from 2004/2005, so maybe doesn’t count)

The Morning After (2003)

Trying to get home early on a sunday morning.

“Frost Investigations”, Chris Clarke

I Can’t Wait to Grow Up (2003)

A dynamic poem about the naive optimism of youth.

Somewhere in Time”, John Barry + “Come Sail Away”, Eric Cartman

Ecstasy (1998/2003)

Inspired by and in memory of Soledad Miranda (1943-1970) and her performance in the film Vampyros Lesbos.

“The Message”, Manfred Hubler and Siegfried Schwab (from the soundtrack of the film)

The Man Who Saved the World (1997)

An homage to the best worst move of all time, aka ‘Turkish Star Wars’. I made the music for this one, so maybe doesn’t count. Drum’n’bass A La Turka.

Pigs (1997)

Learning to edit video.

“Pigs”, NIN