MSAQTPlayer (2008)

MSAQTPlayer is a Mega Super Awesome (& mega super simple), fullscreen / multiple output Quicktime player with fast, greater-than-4096-pixels support (for Mac OSX).

It exists for a simple reason: There are no applications that can play large quicktime files across multiple outputs of your graphics card, with good performance. 

I wrote this app for an installation because I needed to play a 4,800 x 600 Quicktime file across 2 outputs on my graphics card, each feeding 3 triple heads to go into 6 projectors, and I couldn’t find a single application that could do it.

Most video applications which can output across multiple video-outs cannot play files larger than the maximum size of a texture (usually 4096 pixels at time of writing). And even if the movie resolution fits in a texture, they are very slow because they convert each frame to a texture and upload to the graphics card. The only application I found which could play a large file is Quicktime Pro, but that cannot output across multiple video-outs. MSAQTPlayer is a native Cocoa app which can do all of this.

Judging by the ‘thank you’ emails I’m getting, it is being used by many video artists around the world.

Source and binary –

to download, click the button that looks like –


Released under the GNU GPLv3 License