Gold is an interactive video installation which explores our obsession with super-stardom, and the extravagance that accompanies it. It acts as a ‘magic mirror’ through which you are the super star. Showering in glittery gold you materialize, morph and dematerialize into pure sparkling gold dust. Made during the rise of social media, myspace, youtube and the emergence of viral internet superstars, it reflects on the ’15 minutes of fame’ Andy Warhol predicted. Our obsession to become ‘immortalized’ in sparkling glittery gold becomes a reality, if only for a brief moment.

As an interactive piece – unlike some of my other similar works (e.g. Body Paint, Reincarnation) – it is more about not moving, rather than moving. When you stay still, a shimmering glittery gold image of yourself appears. As soon as you move, or even breathe, it crumbles and vanishes.


Gold_v3: Self-contained unit.
Vacuum formed black/gold shimmering perspex + black acrylic.
contains computer, screen, camera, custom software
Dimensions: 810mm x 550mm

Gold_v2, Gold_v1: Custom wood/metal enclosure.
1ch HD screen, infrared camera, custom software
Dimensions: variable (42″ – 90″ screen)


made with openFrameworks