McLaren P1 Light Painting

In collaboration with James Medcraft, we designed, directed and developed the video for McLaren’s P1 launch. A stop-motion, long exposure photography light painting animation, driven by real-life wind tunnel data and two motion control rigs (all visuals done in camera).
Exploring ways of ‘3d printing’ animated light trails in space.

A Marshmallow Laser Feast project. An arts & technology studio I co-founded in 2011.


Concept, Design, Art direction and Technical Direction
MarshmallowLaserFeast in collaboration with James Medcraft

Software design and development
Raffael Ziegler

Sound design
Tom Halstead

Visual Effects – Moving Picture Company:
VFX Producer: Michael Stanish
Lead 3D: Duncan McWilliams
3D: Thomas Rowell

Production Company: The Found Collective
Producer: Holly Restieaux
Executive Producer: Peter Bowker
Client Liaison: Ben Risk
Motion Control: Ian Menzies and Nigel Permane at Mark Roberts Motion Control
Gaffer: James Smith-Pryor
Rigger: Jon Last
Runners: Spike Laurie, Rudy Vermorel, Charlie Barclay, Runyararo Mapfumo
Behind the Scenes Filming: Sandra Ciampone, Steve Glashier
Behind the Scenes Photography: Sandra Ciampone


(partly) made with openFrameworks