Waves 2014 (2014)






1-8ch HD video, 2ch sound
841 x 525mm giclee and c-type prints.

Inspired by the well established history of both artistic and scientific study on oceans and oceanic waves, Waves is a data dramatization of complex ocean simulations, distilled and re-imagined in the form of abstract visuals and sounds. An ongoing series of studies that investigate the tension and delicate balance between the immense power and incredible fragility of the oceans; simultaneously mighty yet delicate; calming yet terrifying; graceful yet violent; a symbol of fear, danger and death as well as hope, freedom and life.

Waves is part of an ongoing series of works and philosophy of using the tools of science as a lens to the world, to find inspiration in hidden processes that shape our universe. Using these tools to reveal, extract and amplify the unseen poetry in our lives and surroundings and re-ignite a child-like wonderment to the world around us.

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2015 Oct 9-2016 Jan 31,
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Europalia 2015, Brussels, Belgium
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Nouées, La Briqueterie, Saint-Brieuc, France
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