This page is specifically for my research as part of my PhD at Goldsmiths UoL, in expressive human-machine interaction, exploring real-time, interactive, intelligent systems that augment human creativity. Covering areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing, perception, cognition, philosophy, art, music.

For now I’ll be posting my research on arxiv and Since I have a bunch of other random stuff on medium, below are the posts remotely related to my research in this area, loosely organised as


Directly related to my research

AMI Residency Part 2 : Realtime control of sequence generation with RNN Ensembles

AMI Residency Part 1 : Exploring (word) space, projecting meaning onto noise, learnt vs human bias

Collaborative creativity with Monte­ Carlo Tree Search and Convolutional Neural Networks


Not directly related, but still somehow relevant
(and very speculative)

#Deepdream is blowing my mind

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace. A digital god for a digital culture

The answer to the fermi paradox, why we are the chosen ones, and the meaning of life

Consciousness is evolution’s solution to dealing with big data


Similar to above, but in context of an artist talk

Retune 2016 (artist talk), Part 2: Algorithmic Decision Making, Machine Bias, Creativity and Diversity

Retune 2016 (artist talk), Part 1: The Dawn of Deep Learning

Resonate 2016 (artist talk): A digital god for a digital culture


Informational / educational (but still very subjective)

A journey through multiple dimensions and transformations in SPACE

Selection of resources to learn AI / ML / DL / RL

Review of machine / deep learning in an artistic context 

Why AlphaGo is fascinating, from a non-technical technical perspective

Background info for “#Deepdream is blowing my mind”